Rolling Hills Home Care: Glaucoma, the Silent Eye Disease

a-1 domestic california alzheimer's careGlaucoma sneaks up on you after stealing your vision long before you notice any symptoms.  Caused by damage to the optic nerve, glaucoma reduces up to 40% of a person’s vision beginning with the peripheral vision.  Risk factors for glaucoma include neurological disorders, infections, malnutrition, and toxins such as alcohol and tobacco.  Bad lifestyle habits can also destroy your eyesight.  Staring at your smartphone for prolonged periods of time can strain your eyes, causing blurred vision, nausea and dry eyes.  Reading in dim light or looking at a bright screen in a dark room (such as watching TV before bedtime or staring at your smartphone with the lights off) causes eye strain or headaches.  If you have an elderly loved one at home who can’t see well, prevent accidents by calling on A-1 Home Care in Rolling Hills for in-home assistance.

An epidemic of blindness caused by glaucoma strikes over 2.2 million Americans.  It’s easy to let poor vision slide and chalk it up to old age, but you can prevent glaucoma with regular visits to the optometrist.  Are you too busy at work to take your elderly loved one to get a visual field test?  Leave it to A-1 Home Care to do the work for you.  Our caregivers will give your loved one a lift anywhere in or around Rolling Hills for all medical and dental visits, including optometric visits.  Your loved one shouldn’t have to strain his eyes to read prescription bottles and risk taking the wrong medication, either.  Our live-in and live-out caregivers will administer the proper medications as needed, and you can rest assured that everything else will be taken care of as well, such as light housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, chores, and personal hygiene.

A-1 Home Care in Rolling Hills is a non-medical home care provider serving families in Los Angeles County.  For over 25 years, seniors have enjoyed the excellent services they’ve received from our highly skilled, experienced and certified caregivers, home health aides, and nurse assistants.  With a wide variety of skills, cultures, languages, and ethnicities to choose from, you can have your choice of any caregiver you’d like.  Our care managers will work with you and develop an elder care plan that will fit your budget and meet your needs.  You can change from respite to round-the-clock in-home care or vice versa at any time, as we understand the changing nature of elder care needs.

For a free quote, call A-1 Home Care today (310) 366-7964 or visit our website for more details. Live-in and live-out caregiver services are available in Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, and surrounding areas.

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